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Creating A Garden

Creating a garden takes some planning, a little hard work and patience as you wait for everything to grow. 

 Not sure where to start in creating a garden? 

 Start with picking the right space to place your garden.  Take in account your average temperature, sun, shade, soil quality and planting season.

The area should be flat, with plenty of sunlight and free of roots and debris.  An adequate water supply needs to be near by to hydrate plants when needed.

Garden Space
Garden Space

We have a fence around our garden because we have a lot of deer that love to eat whatever is planted.  Figure out what supplies need to be purchased for the fence such as posts, fencing and what is needed to attach the fence to the posts.  

You will also need supplies to make a door to enter/exit the garden.

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Rototill garden space till ground is ready for planting.  Rake out any grass or sticks that have come to the surface.

You may need to rototill a couple of times to get the desired planting soil.

Time to order plants and seeds!

Plan what you would like in your garden and research how far apart the plants need to be placed.  Order seeds if needed.  Purchase plants from your local greenhouse.  

After figuring out where you would like everything placed in your garden, it is time to plant.  We like green and yellow beans, a variety of peppers, tomato’s, squash, zucchini, broccoli, peas, cucumbers and cabbage.  

Now watch the garden grow! With a little luck, watering when the ground is dry and a little TLC to the plants when needed in no time you will be picking your harvest!!

How often do we water our garden?  

The garden gets watered daily unless it rains.  Miracle Grow can be added to help the plants go larger. 

A white barrel in the pictures is where Miracle Grow gets mixed up and added to the plants when needed.

Watering Garden
Watering Garden

How can the plants grow so large without breaking as you are creating a garden?  

When the tomato plants first start to grow, place a circular wire cage is around each plant. When the plants grow, the cage will then support their limbs.  

As the bean plants grow, use sticks and strong string so plants will grow around hanging string as shown.

Check the garden daily for ripened produce. Enjoy all of your hard work, share with family and friends, freeze or can any extra to have for a later date.  

Consider saving some of the seeds of each harvest from your garden to use for next years planting.

Not sure how to can the wonderful fruits of your labor? 

Canned Fruits, Vegetables & Fish
Canned Fruit, Vegetables & Fish

Grilled Venison and Chicken Kabobs and Rhubarb Apple Crisp are a couple of recipes that I have made using vegetables or fruit grown in our garden.

Grilled Venison and Chicken Kabob's
Grilled Kabob’s
Rhubarb Apple Crisp
Rhubarb Apple Crisp


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