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Blackstone Griddle – (Review)

Our new Blackstone Griddle has become the best appliance in our home! A large cooking surface, this Blackstone griddle is the perfect addition to your home.

Blackstone Griddles are the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. Our Blackstone flat top grill is a little bigger than our Weber grill.

Blackstone Griddle Grill
Blackstone Griddle Grill

We have a covered back deck that is the perfect spot to store our outdoor cooking equipment. Since purchasing our Blackstone 36 griddle, we’ve come up with several recipes to make. Give our cinnamon roll pancakes a try on your own griddle.

Blackstone has been producing this griddle since 2005 so it has been around for a while. Go to frommichigantothetable.com for more griddle recipes to come.

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Blackstone Flat Top Gift

Father’s Day was fast approaching and I still had not gotten my husband a gift. No shocker!! My husband has everything (pretty much) that he wants.

When he decides to get something, he buys it for himself. Which makes him very hard to buy for. His friends and the UPS driver call him “Mr. Cabela’s” because he is a frequent shopper there.

Seeing others posting about how much they loved their griddles. A lightbulb went off in my head! I knew this would be a perfect Father’s Day gift for my husband.

Cooking burgers and home fries on the griddle.
Blackstone Griddle Cooking

Where to Buy Blackstone Grills

First, I called all around our area to see if a Blackstone 36-inch Griddle was available. Nope! A week before Father’s Day and this must be the hot item.

Next, I started searching Amazon. To my surprise Amazon had several Blackstone griddles for sale.

The 36-inch griddle was over $300 dollars. They had a smaller 28-inch Blackstone Griddle and a 17-inch tabletop griddle. But I wanted the bigger one if I was going to invest in this present for my husband.

Ugh, that was more than I wanted to spend on my husband for a Father’s Day gift. After a quick phone call to my family, we decided with us all pitching in we could get the griddle.

Placing the order turned into a challenge. Amazon no longer offered the 2-day shipping because of the pandemic of 2020.

Amazon could ship it, but the griddle would not get here until a week after Father’s Day. So, I spent half-a-day searching the web to see if I could get it elsewhere.

No luck!! I placed my order with Amazon, printed a picture of the griddle and filled out a card for my husband with the picture.

Griddle Cooking Station

As my husband opened his card, I explained the story of the Blackstone Grill. A week after Father’s Day, I get a notice from Amazon saying my griddle got damaged in shipping.

Making breakfast on the griddle - eggs, hash browns, etc...
Making breakfast on the griddle.

Because of the pandemic there is a griddle shortage. My order had been canceled because there was not replacement available. Such disappointment!!

Now what was I going to do? Back to the drawing board. Searching Amazon again and to my surprise another was available.

I explained the cancelation to my husband when he got home from work. My husband smiled at me and say, “I was at Family Farm and Home the other day and they have the same griddle in-stock.”

Oh!! A quick trip to the store with my husband and we had a new griddle in the back of his truck. The store only had the floor model left in that size because all the others had been sold.

Check out a collection of Blackstone Griddle Recipes!!

50+ Blackstone Griddle Recipes
50+ Blackstone Griddle Recipes

Blackstone Products

Before the Facebook posts, I knew nothing about Blackstone products. This is the first time of hearing anything about that brand.

Making griddle sandwiches.
Griddle Sandwiches

Googling Blackstone bought me to their website Blackstone Products. I began poking around at the Blackstone Products website.

Discovering they have more products than the 36-inch Blackstone griddle. There is Blackstone outdoor grills, griddle & charcoal grill combo, and a tabletop griddles. As well as an air fryer griddle combo, and range top combo with deep fryer.

They offer different sizes to fit your needs. Blackstone also offers accessories, spices, covers and carry bags, apparel and replacement parts.

Blackstone Griddle Accessories

You will find Blackstone accessories that consists of outdoor cooking set. This set includes different sized spatulas, BBQ tongs and fork, and a large ladle.

I recommend getting this griddle accessories tool kit set because you will be using the spatulas to cook with. Another thing we use every time we cook is the squeeze bottles. We have 2 of squeeze bottles that have olive oil and water in them.

Also offered: a breakfast kit, pancake art kit, grease cup liners, butter roller, and a taco rack. As well as a cast iron seasoning & conditioner, a basting cover, griddle press and so much more.

Check out my recommended 20+ Blackstone Griddle Accessories.

5 Piece Griddle Accessory Kit on top of a Blackstone Griddle
5 Piece Griddle Accessory Kit on top of a Blackstone Griddle

Blackstone Griddle Cover

There are 2 kinds of covers for this grill. We did buy both of the Blackstone Griddle Covers to fit our appliance.

A hard cover protects the griddle piece of your grill. For the most part this cover works well.

Hard Cover for griddle
Hard Cover

We found out that we had mice coming in through the grease trap hole during storage. My husband created a tin flap piece that hangs on the outside of the griddle.

This stops the mice and bugs from entering during storage. Problem solved!! Facebook groups suggest you place a layer of waxed paper on top to protect the griddle surface.

A soft cover protects the whole griddle grill unit. Even though the griddle is on our covered deck, we live in Michigan with snow that will coat the whole grill. It keeps everything all nice and clean and beautiful looking!!

Soft Cover for griddle
Soft Cover

How To Season Blackstone Griddle

The first thing you want to do is season your Blackstone Griddle Grill top. With proper seasoning, you will protect the top from corrosion.

Cleaning/Seasoning Griddle Top with Oil and Paper Towel
Griddle Cleaning/Seasoning

Proper seasoning makes cooking on the griddle much easier. Follow the manufactures directions. My husband followed these directions before use.

The one thing that I recommend is fry a couple packages of bacon on the whole top of the griddle the first time you use it. We fried a package of bacon on half of our griddle the first time and then did eggs and pancakes on the other half.

Cooked Bacon on the Flat-top Griddle
Cooked Bacon on the Flat-top Griddle

The half that did not have the bacon seemed to stick a little for a few times we used the griddle. My husband fried bacon on the second half, and we don’t have anything sticking anymore.

Blackstone Griddle Tips

Our new Blackstone 36 inch Griddle has become the best outdoor appliance! A large flat top cooking surface, this Blackstone griddle is the perfect addition to your home. Blackstone Flat Top Griddles are the perfect gift for that special someone in your life.

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  1. Love the way you have written this. Love ALL your tips. My Wife and I are new to not only Grilling but to the 28” with Air Fryer. We have been experimenting around having a lot of fun.As I am NOT a Food Connoisseur, I am especially liking the way you have spelled out “how to keep the unit clean”. I would love to hear more in the future re: this.
    Take care,

    • Thank you Rick! I am writing posts all the time about my Blackstone Griddle. Sign up at my website and when a new recipe is posted I will share it with my email list.

  2. Very informative. Continue the good work. We love our 36” Blackstone. Living in Florida allows us to use the griddle 12 months out of the year. Nothing better than a me as l cooked on a Blackstone griddle.

      • I live in Michigan and I use my Blackstone 36″ all year round. I use it on a patio, under the deck of a house with a walkout basement. I built a plywood wall on the North side to stop the wind coming from the North in the winter. I try to griddle at least 1 to 2 meals a week for 6 all year round.

  3. They are the Best. I have a small catering business and invested in myself. I take them out and give the people good smells and food???? Best Investment

    • I have to agree with you! This is the best investment our family has made. We all love cooking together and try to come up with recipes to cook on our griddle!!


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