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Blackstone Burger Tower

A Blackstone Burger Tower is an awesome display of the best smash burgers that you make on a griddle.  It’s a stack of small griddle burgers for your guests to sample.  

Your mini burgers stacked as high as you can get them and skewered to keep them all in place.  This tower burger makes a great Super Bowl Food, tailgating snack and an anytime “I want to impress my friends” snack!!  

Who knew the burger towers were a thing?!?!  When using your Blackstone griddle, making several of my smash burger recipes to create a burger tower is a breeze!  

Blackstone Burger Tower on a wooden cutting board surrounded by kettle chips.
Blackstone Burger Tower

Be creative and make a tower burger bar with a variety of different condiments and a variety of sides.  Let’s not forget about the drinks that pair well with all your different smashed burgers recipe.  

All my Blackstone smash burgers taste amazing with a crispy outside beef patty and a flavorful center.  If you have not participated in the smashing burgers on your Blackstone Griddle ritual, then you need to!! 

This is one thing that you must see what all the fuss is about.  Blackstone Griddle smash burgers are simple to make and so delicious!!

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Tower Burger Co.

Have you ever heard of Tower Burger Company?  It is a build your own tower burger restaurant.   They are in the lower tip of Texas so if you are ever in the area, you should check them out.  Here is a Tower Burger Menu.  

What is the Point of Smashed Burgers?

The point of a smashed burger is creating a flavorful patty by smashing the hamburger on to the hot flat top which creates a crispy patty.  A smash burger is a small burger ball that is smashed thin and cooked on a griddle until both sides are crispy.  

Smash Burger Balls on a Blackstone Griddle.
Smash Burger Balls on a Blackstone Griddle.

Top with your favorite burger toppings and pair with buttered buns.  The smashed burger recipes are endless!!!!!  

Cooking Burgers on a Griddle

Learning how to smash your burger on a Blackstone Griddle takes some practice.  This is where many fall short.  

I use one griddle spatula along with a piece of parchment paper to make my smash burgers.  The trick is the parchment paper between the burger patty and the smashing tool!  

Smashing Burger on a Blackstone Griddle with cooked onions and a couple of burger patties.
Smashing Burger on a Blackstone Griddle.

Preheat the Blackstone Flat Top Grill on medium heat.  Gather your ingredients to make your burger.  

You want to use ground beef that has some fat in it.  I like to use 80/20 ground beef (80% lean).  Gently form your burger balls by rolling them in the palm of your hands.

If cooking some of your toppings such as sliced onions or mushrooms, start by lightly oiling the griddle.  Place them onto the hot oil.  Let them caramelize as they cook and only toss occasionally.  

Smashing burgers takes practice.  Use your griddle spatula with a piece of parchment paper on top of the hamburger ball and flatten the burger balls in a quick swift motion getting them very thin.  

Carefully peel the paper off starting on one side and working your way to the other side until it is completely separated from the beef patty.  Season your patty with your favorite seasoning.  

Meanwhile, lightly butter the inside of the buns, place on the flat top, and toast while everything is cooking.  Smash burger patties fry up quickly!  

Two or three minutes on each side if the griddle is hot.  If desired, place a slice of cheese on top and let melt.  

What is a Burger Tower?

A burger tower is a stack of burgers placed on top of each other and secured with a skewer stick to help keep them in place.  The tower can be all the same kind of burgers or a variety of different burgers.  

Others make a tower burger by placing several burger patties in-between a bun and stuffing it with sides such as onion rings or French fries.  This tower burger is made up of 3 different “mini” smash burgers. 

A Smashed Cheeseburger on the left picture and a Burger Tower Stack of 3 different smash burgers surrounded by potato chips.
A Smashed Cheeseburger and a Burger Tower Stack.

How to Make a Burger Tower

Start by making your desired burgers with the toppings of your choice.  Carefully stack one on top of the other and secure the stack with a skewer stick.  

I have seen people use a steak knife to hold the burgers in place.  Use wooden or metal skewer sticks.  If you are creative, you can design a plate with a rod attached to easily assemble the tower.    

Burger Tower surrounded by kettle potato chips all on a wooden cutting board.
Burger Tower

Blackstone Burger Tower – FAQ

Do Smashed Burgers Taste Better?

If cooked correctly, yes, smashed burgers taste better than the average burger.  With their crispy griddle cooked patties and juicy center, smash burger recipes can’t be beat.

Can You Smash a Burger Before Cooking?

You can but it is not recommended.  That is where many gridlers fail.  The burger balls need to be “smashed” into the hot griddle to create a crispy brown crust on the burger patties.  That is where the trick is!!

What Other Snacks Can I Pair with a Burger Tower?

Other snacks that go great with a burger tower is White Queso Dip, Fried Cheese Sticks, Loaded Tater Tots, Crab Cakes, and Sheet Pan Nachos Supreme.

Chef Sherry’s Cookbook

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Blackstone Burger Tower Recipes

Tower Burger

A Blackstone Burger Tower is an awesome display of the best smash burgers that you make on a griddle. It’s a stack of small griddle burgers for your guests to sample. Your mini burgers stacked as high as you can get them and skewered to keep them all in place.

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