Homemade Cheesy  Tater Tots

Cheesy Tater Kegs are giant tater tots that are kid friendly and best dipped in ranch dressing.

Shredded Potatoes

Shredded Cheese

Italian Breadcrumbs



Salt & Pepper

Here"s what you need

Shred the boiled potatoes.

Learn how to make tater tots with my easy step by step instructions.

Form into tater tots shapes

Combine the shredded potatoes and cheese along with the salt and pepper.

Potato tots dredging station

Start by rolling the potato tots in the flour, then the egg and finally the breadcrumbs

Fully breaded tater tots

Once all the homemade cheesy tater tots are breaded, place in the freezer on a baking sheet  for at least 2 hours.

These cheesy tater tots recipe are a perfect tailgating, Super Bowl or holiday party appetizer!!

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